The Canceled Warcraft Adventures: Lord Of The Clans Was Remastered By An Enthusiast Over A Six-Year Period

The Canceled Warcraft Adventures: Lord Of The Clans Was Remastered By An Enthusiast Over A Six-Year Period
Credit: kotaku

Blizzard canceled the adventure game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans in 1998. Warcraft, a point-and-click adventure game that has not yet been released, was leaked online a few years ago.

While the game was at the time entirely playable, its cutscenes were of terrible quality, heavily compressed, weren’t exactly in rhythm with the soundtrack, and others were just missing altogether.

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After years of labor, all the cutscenes have now been updated, improved, and made simpler to understand.

The WACRP’s completed version 1.0 was just released by modder DerSilver83 (Warcraft Adventures Cutscene Remastered Project).

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Twenty completely remastered sequences are included in the mod, two of which were later released through another leak and weren’t originally in the release.

The modder and the project website both claim that a lot of work went into this version. Allegedly manually erasing all compression artifacts from every movie was done by DerSilver83.

Additionally, the modder meticulously recreated complete frames and materials, frame by frame, using Photoshop.

Additionally, continuity problems have been resolved, and some brand-new transition scenes have been written from scratch. The audio has all been synced, and the video is now playing at the proper 12 frames per second.

DerSilver83 claims to have spent over six years working on this mod, and the most recent 1.0 release marks the culmination of his efforts.

He stated in a message dated July 31 that he tried his best within what he deemed an “appropriate time” and that he was happy with the outcome.

Before it becomes a burden, I want to look back on this project as something enjoyable. That’s it, then. My Cutscene Remaster Project is now complete, and I sincerely hope that everyone who utilizes it will find it as enjoyable as I did. I’ve always desired to make a crucial mod for a game I adore, and I can now declare that I have done it.