Powerful New Pokemon Slurpuff Uses Their Little Pokemon Nose Like No Other In Sword And Shield

Powerful New Pokemon Slurpuff Uses Their Little Pokemon Nose Like No Other In Sword And Shield
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Man, oh, man! There seems like there will be a new pokemon release every single day for the foreseeable future. What? Does Nintendo Entertainment have a factory of Pokemon designers who are out there just inventing Pokemons left and right and making it work out for the rest of us? This is just crazy! Well, this week we got news about a new pokemon with all kinds of powers we were never truly expecting.

This baby is sort of like an advanced Jigglypuff, and it uses its powers to kick some butt and take all the names you might need it to take. That’s right. We are now talking about the Pokemon known as Slurpuff, and it comes equipped with a bloodhound nose that it will use to sniff out the enemies in order to take them down. It can even use its nose to find rare Pokemon and other things that we haven’t even seen yet.

Ok, so think about it like this: Imagine if your dog was a Pokemon, and your dog was also a high-powered creature capable of evolving and kicking some butt. That’s Slurpuff. Except Slurpuff doesn’t even look like a dog. It looks like a creampuff kind of thing, which is even crazier when you really think about it.

Unfortunately, you cannot even eat Slurpuff. But that raises another question: In the Pokemon universe, are there people who raise Pokemon and eat them like cattle? Wouldn’t that be absolutely insane?

If you are wondering about when you will be able to grab SLurpuff, then consider this. Pokemon Sword and Shield have been out for several months now and it is all about releasing brand new pokemon so you can go out there and get as part of the total DLC package. So if you wanna get it, then you are going to need to get in there and make some purchases.

But never fear fellow mega gamers! There are cheap options here too, and you can manage to get in on all the Slurpuff power just by being a big-time subscriber to the Nintendo Store. But even if you can’t afford this simple subscription service, the normal DLC isn’t too expensive either. So everyone who thinks they are truly a big-time mega fan needs to get out there and get their dollars into the game. Good luck, cosmonauts, and do your best to catch em all.