Pokemon Masters Release Date Timeframe Has Been Revealed And It Is Surprisingly Soon

Pokemon Masters Release Date Timeframe Has Been Revealed And It Is Surprisingly Soon
Credit: The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sword and Shield is right around the corner, but it won’t be the next Pokemon game for fans. A new title called Pokemon Masters has been announced for iOS and Android and is set to launch sometime during the Summer of 2019. The trailer looks epic, and this is promised to be much more than a standard mobile experience.

The game is a battle-focused experience with a story as you and your Pokemon must face trainers from the previous games in the series. It is supposed to be free to play but will include purchasable items, but the developers have not explained the details of this yet.

The game is taking place on an island named Pasio, and you will have a similar experience to the main game series. As you travel the region, you will gather up gym badges as is the tradition in the Pokemon franchise. The twist is that instead of controlling a single trainer, you will be controlling three. Each will have their Pokemon partner that they call “sync pairs.” This means all the battles in the game will be three-on-three against AI opponents as you progress through the story.

Instead of turn-based gameplay, the developers have moved towards a real-time strategy feel by using a move gauge that fills up slowly through the battle. This gauge will deplete when you perform moves and charge as your Pokemon remains idle. Another new feature is that trainers will also have moves in the battle. Trainers function as support and can heal and raise or lower the Pokemon’s stat as they aid their partner.

The game is being developed by DeNA which is known for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Miitomo. As The Pokemon Company publishes the title, many will be happy to know that it is in good hands with this development team.

Many fans are happy to see that not only is the game released for free but it seems that it will follow a more traditional Pokemon feel. Rather than rebranding a separate game to feel like Pokemon, Pokemon Masters appears to be the authentic experience that many crave throughout the year.

The game is set to release during the Summer of 2019, and it is sure to be an instant hit in a whole new region of the Pokemon World. Fans and newcomers alike are welcome to enjoy the exploration that will be found on the island of Pasio.