Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Charge Season Pass Is Based On Daily and Weekly Challenges

Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Charge Season Pass Is Based On Daily and Weekly Challenges
Credit: Respawn Entertainment via YouTube

Weekly and Daily challenges are a much-requested feature from the fans of Apex Legends, and it looks Respawn is finally listening and adding them to Season 2.

Daily and Weekly challenges have been hinted out for a few weeks now, though it was only today that Lee Horn, the game’s Product Manager, detailed what the challenges are likely to consist of in a blog post on EA.com.

One complaint about Season 1 was how long it took to grind levels. Various mathematicians on Reddit figured out it could take 60+ hours of gameplay to hit level 110 and unlock the Golden Havoc skin.

Daily and Weekly challenges have been designed to make it easier to “slide through Battle Pass progression.” Though Lee also suggested that it wouldn’t be as easy as “kill one person with a shotgun” or as simple as the challenges in the Legendary Hunt event before the end of Season 1.

The daily challenges are designed to last for a short play session. There are three daily challenges which are randomly pulled from a pool of 200. That means no day should ever have the same challenges. When you complete these challenges you earn 3,000 ‘Stars’, the new experience system used to level up your Season Pass.

If you start the season late on, you get access to all the weekly challenges. This is a great way for people to catch up and make sure everyone is able to reach max level before the season ends.

Some of the challenges also reward entire battle pass levels. Complete five Daily Challenges, and you’re rewarded one level, complete 10, and you’re rewarded another. Alongside the daily challenges, weekly challenges change as well.

This new system is exciting fans, and hopefully brings back many of the casual players who couldn’t handle the deep grind of the first season’s battle pass. Expect the lobbies to be packed out when 2nd July rolls around.

In the blog post, Lee also mentions that some of the challenges might require YouTube tutorials to figure out – looks like it won’t all just be “Play One Game With Lifeline” or variations of that. Whatever the challenges are, it seems like they will challenge you to play Apex differently and look to be an interesting addition to the game.