PlayStation Plus Members Can Get The Cooking Simulator Overcooked For Free This Month

PlayStation Plus Members Can Get The Cooking Simulator Overcooked For Free This Month
Credit: steamXO

PlayStation Plus is a great service to subscribe to for PS4 console owners. It offers discounts on a lot of great games, and sometimes, free games are available. For the month of May, PS Plus members will have the opportunity to get Overcooked for free.

Developed by Ghost Town Games, Overcooked is a multiplayer kitchen sim that lets players team up with other cooks. It supports up to 4 players, and as is the case with most cooking games, Overcooked is about having fun and exploring different recipes.

The goal is to gather ingredients and create meals before impatient dinner guests storm out in anger. There are a wide variety of kitchens you’ll be tasked to master. Each has a unique layout and different challenges. Just when you have the hang of things, the cooking dynamics are changed. You thus have to think quickly and stay on your toes with your fellow chefs. Another part of being successful in the kitchen is working together as a unit.

Every chef is tasked with different assignments, and working as a collective is the only way you’ll be able to serve all of the hungry customers. If you enjoy online multiplayer titles, Overcooked should be a great addition to your PlayStation library. You can work together with some of your friends in the kitchen, seeing who has the superior cooking skills.

The graphics in this game are light-hearted. They sort of have a Nintendo vibe to them, featuring simple designs with a lot of color. Also in line with Nintendo games, Overcooked is a great title to play with the family. You don’t have to worry about there being any graphic content or cursing. It’s completely family-friendly. The soundtrack is great and the level designs keep cooking fresh.

It’s not the most difficult game by any means, but it certainly is a title that you can just relax to. Time and time again, you’re rewarded for cooking as a collective. One simple mistake, though, will result in something disastrous happening in the kitchen. For example, missing a step can lead to food burning. You’re thus fully locked in no matter what meal you’re prepping.

If you like playing games with family or want to experience a game that’s a little out of the ordinary, Overcooked is certainly worth putting in your library. Again, PS Plus members can get it now for free. If you don’t have this service, you can always buy Overcooked for around $20.