Overwatch League – Korean Flex Support Ryujehong Has Been Banned From Twitch

Overwatch League – Korean Flex Support Ryujehong Has Been Banned From Twitch
Credit: Blizzard via Youtube

Ryu Jehong is a flex support that has played for both the Vancouver Titans and Seoul Dynasty; both powerhouses in their own right at certain times throughout the arguably arduous seasons past for the Overwatch League.

To state that Ryujehong is a legendary player within the Overwatch League scene is accurate, well known for his precise aim and clutch plays that stymie an entire offensive push with one well-timed sleep dart.

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He is currently looking for a team to play with for the upcoming 2021 season of the Overwatch League.

He has also vocalized in the past his frustrations with Twitch blindly slapping users with DMCA requests that seem only slightly more accurate than the bizarre path that YouTube continues to take with their reckless slinging of DMCA and copyright that appears to steal content-creators income far more often than actually protecting IP.

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It is currently presumed that the ban is stemming from this very point of conflict, as it has taken out countless other streamers that have adored the opportunity to bang out some tunes as they while away the hours in the preferred title to the amusement of fans.

The ban has not been publically verified from either Twitch or Ryu Jehong at this point; Ryu’s Twitter has fallen a bit silent as the flex support player if aught to let lapse occasionally.

There is another barrier to figuring out precisely what is occurring as Ryu Jehong tends to interact on social media in Korean which makes ready translation an ordeal; his tendency to play music throughout his streams (DMCA be danged) is what leads to the current speculation.

The player will likely pop up in another streaming service given time, but it’s not the best moment to have a second stream of income dry up in the middle of the tenacious off-season of the Overwatch League, where legendary players and organizations alike are seemingly unable to meet each other in the middle with reasonable salaries for dedicating another year of their life to the title under the colors of whatever organization is willing to sign them.

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This has been verbalized in the past by Atlanta Reign player Masaa, the Finnish player that has been transplanted to the United States with no assistance from the organization to help him find a residence.

The good news is that Ryu is a very well-known player, and people will be attracted to his streams wherever he ends up; he should land on his feet with relative safety.