Overwatch League – Danteh Re-Signs With The Houston Outlaws For The 2021 Season

Overwatch League – Danteh Re-Signs With The Houston Outlaws For The 2021 Season
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

The flex DPS for the Houston Outlaws has been in the spotlight a bit more than usual as talking-heads desperate to be the first have overstepped more than once to announce things that aren’t yet a fact, such as Danteh signing the contract that was offered from the Houston Outlaws.

Dante Cruz was a bit frustrated with users making these claims, and stepped into the eternal slap-fight of Twitter to state that he had not signed any contracts as of yet.

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That has now officially changed, coming from the Houston Outlaws Twitter account just recently, finally allowing rampant speculation to come to an end.

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Currently, anything more forthcoming than this has not been offered regarding to what the rest of the roster could possibly look like for the 2021 season.

The Thanos snap has affected the Houston Outlaws as readily as the rest of the League with some speculation as to what the 2021 season could possibly look like after deflated numbers throughout the season, the pandemic dashing all hopes for homestands, and rumors of collusion are all encircling the League.

The possibility of the Overwatch League once again taking place in a centralized place much as the first two seasons of the Overwatch League occurred, although with a bit more precaution that is similarly are rumored to arrive for the Call of Duty League that has been announced to be played on PCs, yet with controllers.

The rumored setup is that there would be a safe ‘bubble’ for all players to live and compete within, allowing for offline matches to be played on LAN that would remove the consistent issues with latency and disconnects, although would force players to be isolated in a very real sense in order to compete within the leagues.

It’s presumed both Leagues would be centralized if the effort were made, as the leagues fall under the Activision-Blizzard banner in tandem.

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The 2021 season of the Overwatch League is currently very much in the air, and we’re not likely to see precisely what has been planned until the delayed beginning of the Overwatch League starts in April; an aspect that is presumed to have been facilitated on the back of both the pandemic and relatively poor viewership.

In spite of this, the idea of the Overwatch League going anywhere is pretty far out there: Overwatch 2 is still scheduled to be released eventually and Blizzard has pushed a slew of resources into it; far too much for the league to suddenly fold after a singular poor season that was inflicted equally by business maneuvers and external sources.