Outcasters Is An Upcoming Isometric Shooter That Will Debut Exclusively On Google Stadia

Outcasters Is An Upcoming Isometric Shooter That Will Debut Exclusively On Google Stadia
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

Ever since it first launched, Google Stadia has seen mixed results. On one hand, the promise of streaming games has received a ton of interest from those not wanting to spend a fortune on hardware. On the other, the streaming platform has had issues and it has lacked exclusives necessary to attract a large audience.

The latter problem is of particular importance. When gamers use any sort of new platform, they want access to great games that they can’t get anywhere else. Google has reported that many are in the works, but they haven’t come out soon enough.

Fortunately one is coming down the pipe from Splash Damage. It was known a couple of months earlier that this developer was working on something different. That project is none other than Outcasters, an isometric shooter that just received an official announcement trailer.

In just the first few seconds of the trailer, it’s clear that this isn’t your average shooter. It features players using some sort of orbs to take down opponents. The player has to choose a particular arc for how their orbs move, which looks like it will involve a lot of precision, timing, and practice.

Instead of just shooting straight at enemies, players in Outcasters have to account for the direction that their opponents are going in and also nearby structures. As if the curved shots weren’t difficult enough, the stage will gradually decrease in size. It’s like what many battle royale games use to force players into close quarters combat.

It’s a great design on paper because some players aren’t always willing to engage in the fight at the beginning. As the match progresses, players won’t have any choice but to venture further to the center of the stage.

The stages featured in the trailer are very reminiscent of layouts found in pinball machines. That means players will have all sorts of opportunities to bounce their orbs off structures and walls for some stylish hits.

Not only that, but Outcasters puts a lot of emphasis on customization. There are plenty of options as far as skins, which enhances personalization.

It was a pretty successful reveal for Outcasters all things considered. The premise is very unique and looks like a lot of fun. It’s also promising to see another exclusive being offered on Google Stadia. The platform needs all it can get at the moment, especially if it wants to remain relevant as the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft are introduced.