Nolan North Shares His Thoughts On The Uncharted Movie, Thinks Tom Holland Will Be ‘Really Good’ As Nathan Drake

Nolan North Shares His Thoughts On The Uncharted Movie, Thinks Tom Holland Will Be ‘Really Good’ As Nathan Drake
Credit: Sony

Recently, we learned that production for Sony‘s upcoming Uncharted movie, which is currently scheduled to be released in July of next year, has finished filming, as the movie’s official Twitter page confined as much.

During a recent interview with The Gamer, Nolan North, who is the voice of Nathan Drake in the video games, shared his thoughts on Sony’s Uncharted movie, saying that the thinks Tom Holland, who will play Drake in the movie, is going to be really good in the role.

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“Well, Tom doesn’t need any mentoring,” said North. “I got the chance to talk to him and his brother, Harry, and both of them are huge fans of Uncharted. When you find that out, and when you get to meet Tom in person, he’s gonna do it justice. He’s going to do very, very well. He’s very athletic, he’s a talented dancer, and a very physically gifted performer.”

Prior to filming, Holland told IGN that the Uncharted movie won’t attempt to re-tell the stories from the video game stories, but rather, it’ll serve as an origin story for Nathan Drake. Of course, Drake’s childhood was briefly covered in the third and fourth games, but it’s never been deeply explored.

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During the aforementioned interview with The Gamer, Nolan North also praised the decision to make the movie somewhat of a prequel to the games. He also said that he thinks we’ll meet Nathan Drake’s wife, Elena Fisher, in the upcoming film.

“Sony thing did a very smart thing by not trying to do a 1:1 adaptation of Uncharted, and rehash a story that we’ve already seen, those games were movies in themselves. So they did a brilliant move: ‘where was Nathan Drake in his twenties?’ Perfect.

“It’s not necessarily a prequel to the games. But from what I gathered from the producers I talked to, they were like, ‘This is Nathan Drake in his twenties, because thirties into his forties? You took care of that, Nolan. So we’re going to go here.’ Now, they’ll take some artistic license. This is not a spoiler, but I think you’re going to meet Elena. Nathan meets her in the first game, but I don’t see how you do movies without Elena.”

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Again, as of this writing, Sony’s Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg is currently scheduled to be released in theaters in July of 2021, but that could change at some point.