New Half-Life: Alyx Documentary Opens Up More Opportunity For Growth, Alyx Team Plan For ‘A Traditional Platformed’ Entry

New Half-Life: Alyx Documentary Opens Up More Opportunity For Growth, Alyx Team Plan For ‘A Traditional Platformed’ Entry
Credit: Valve Corporation

Now that Half-Life: Alyx has been released, marking the end of a 10-year gap since Gordon Freeman last picked up his reliable iron bar, fans have been guessing what has been going on behind the scene beyond this exciting VR experience.

However, insight was released into the inner machinations of Valve Corporation. Fans can now see what’s behind the scene and get to know the other details Valve has been working on.

In a full expose on Half-Life: Alyx – The Final Hours, Senior Staff Writer Rebekah Valentine at gamesindustry stressed that the developers behind the Half-Life: Alyx wanted to see how another Half-Life game would be for ‘traditional platforms.’

While Alyx is still an exclusive title for SteamVR along with its compactable headsets, the question is if that could pave the way for console entries in the Half-Life universe.

Here’s an excerpt from Rebekah’s expose:

Much of the Half-Life: Alyx team is hoping the company will create a full-scale Half-Life game for more traditional platforms, but some are unsure Valve has the size and scale of personnel for such a project.

Since Valve’s core creed is focused on VR and Steam service, it would be fun to see if Gaben—Gabe Newell—brings on a new team to develop a different entry in the Half-Life series or perhaps outsources it to an experienced dev team like Gearbox Software or Respawn Entertainment.

Besides, Gearbox did develop three expansions for the main Half-Life: Alyx, this was before the second entry became public.

The whole scope of Half-Life: Alyx launched last week, Thursday, July 9th, with a thorough look at Valve’s past decade and the development process behind the arguably acclaimed shooter series yet.

Furthermore, the Final Hours comes with a ton of word content and surprising perks.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s entailed:

INTERACTIVE “TONER” PUZZLES: Unlock never-before-seen concept art and images via interactive puzzles inspired by Half-Life: Alyx
NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN PROTOTYPES: From early video prototypes of Alyx to other canceled games, Valve reveals unknown – and unreleased – projects.
HEADCRAB SOUND MIXER: Create your headcrab sound effects using the same source files as the development team.
DEVELOPMENT FLOOR EXPERIENCE: Explore the Valve office with an interactive 3D tour that showcases the development area for Half-Life: Alyx.
VALVE TIME: An interactive timeline details Valve’s software and hardware projects over the past decade – including previously unknown projects.
RHYS DARBY: Exclusive interview with Rhys Darby (“Russell”), one of the stars of Half-Life: Alyx

You can now get Half-Life: Alyx – The Final Hours, presented and written by Geoff Keighley on Steam for $9.99