New Elite Dangerous Players Are Excited Because It Will Be More Gamer-Friendly After The Major Update This April

New Elite Dangerous Players Are Excited Because It Will Be More Gamer-Friendly After The Major Update This April

The next update of Elite Dangerous will be out on April 23, and it’s less than two weeks from now. There will be a lot of enhancements, which will make the space game more welcoming. It will be an exciting game for new players.

A fresh Beginner’s zone has been added so newcomers will explore new systems while they understand the game. There are also new simple missions for gamers to complete.

There are a lessened rebuy and gamers should take advantage of it until they’ve gained their primary exploration, combat, or trade rank.

There’s also the pilot handbook, and its addition is a goal for the developers to make Elite Dangerous a gamer-friendly title. It provides players the access to data on all activities that are part in the game. Players will also get information to get all the requirements needed for them to progress.

There are new modules such as the advanced docking computer, which let players automatically undock and dock from stations. The Supercruise aids gamers target destinations, and they just need to sit back because the machine will do the work for them.

These modules are standard, and they’ll come with the ship purchases so players won’t be anxious regarding extra module slots because the update includes the extra slots.

Another important improvement in the game is there’s a new column about the navigation panel. It will show all the activities in a particular area such as wanted status, plotted routes, and mission targets.

Traders should celebrate because there’s good news; there are updates on the trading screen because the UI of the commodities market can be amended.

And of course, there’s the introduction of interstellar initiatives. Frontier promised more information on the initiatives on the upcoming weeks. It’s been known in the gaming community that there will be several phases to the in-game events, and some of these phases will last long in the galaxy.

Frontier Developments want Elite Dangerous to become more enjoyable especially for beginners. It has received reports that some players find the game arduous and the hard playing mode has made the progress of some players to be stagnant.

The developing company has high hopes that the new update this month will help them gain new fans, and other gamers will give the game another chance.

Frontier said the game won’t receive another major update until the second half of 2020, but it will provide smaller updates to the game. The minor updates will come every 3 or 4 months. Frontier mentioned the first of these minor updates will focus on welcoming experiences for new players.