Borderlands 2 Has Peaked At 60k Gamers On Steam Due To Announcement Of Borderlands 3

Borderlands 2 Has Peaked At 60k Gamers On Steam Due To Announcement Of Borderlands 3
Credit: Borderlands via YouTube

There’s a significant increase on concurrent gamers of Borderlands 2 on Steam last week. There’s no doubt that the escalating interest in the game is a result of the announcement of Borderlands 3.

Fans have waited for a fairly long time for it to arrive and now that it’s been announced, there’s an intensified interest for it.

The title peaked at almost 60K gamers last weekend. The actual number is 59,033 as reported by Steam Charts, and it’s been highlighted on GitHyp.

Borderlands 2 and the original game have gained positive reviews. However, there are off-topic review activities on both games if they’ll be inspected closely.

Epic Games Store will release Borderlands 3 on September 13. It won’t be available on Steam or any other store until April 2020. It’s a half-year exclusivity period and after that period, only then will the game be released on other digital storefronts.

The standard version of the game can be bought at $60, but it’s very basic because subscribers will only get the game. However, players who’ll pre-order the title will gain weapon trinket and gold weapon skins. It is presumed that the former is a trinket to be put on a weapon.

There’s the deluxe edition, which can be bought for $80. There’s also the super deluxe edition, which can be purchased for $100.

The latter has several in-game cosmetics, and there are loot and XP boosts. Some of the cosmetics paired with the deluxe editions are retro cosmetic pack, gearbox cosmetic pack, neon cosmetic pack, loot drop and XP boost mods, and toy box weapon pack, which includes the weapon trinket, toy grenade mod, and toy guns.

The super deluxe edition is a great deal because it has a grenade mod, weapon trinket, and butt stallion weapon skin.

There’s the season pass too, which will make gamers unlock 4 DLC packs which include new challenges, missions, and stories. The game’s super deluxe version will be $120 after the launching, so players have a great deal here.

For those who have enough budget can go for the Diamond Loot Chest, which is a collector’s edition but it costs $250.

It includes all the features of the super deluxe, but it will be with several physical items such as art lithographs of characters, a galaxy map made of cloth, four keychains, 10 character figurines, loot chest replica, steel bookcase, and a sanctuary ship model.

It’s a good collectible deal for hardcore fans.

Borderlands 2 is a fan favorite for the PC console since it had been released in 2012. Now, the prayers of fans have been answered, and they just need to wait for the sequel in the latter part of the year.