World War Z’s New Trailer Has Revealed The PvPvZ Multiplayer Mode And It’s Just A Week Of Waiting

World War Z’s New Trailer Has Revealed The PvPvZ Multiplayer Mode And It’s Just A Week Of Waiting

World War Z is a co-op survival video game from Saber Interactive, and its release is set next week. Fans are celebrating because there’s an early trailer that gave them a good look at what’s to come.

The trailer showcased hordes of undead, which could make the toughest of players tremble. Whether players are in Tokyo, Jerusalem, Moscow, or New York, they need to be strong because the number of dead people is really horrifying.

One might still be able to keep calm in the beginning, but as the number of the undead increases, fear might overcome gamers, which could push them to commit mistakes. As the game intensifies, the swarm of zombies will increase, and the challenges will be harder.

Whether a player will co-op with his pals, or whether they will battle one another in the PvPvZ multiplayer gaming mode, there are six various classes for gamers to choose from.

Some of the classes are The Gunslinger where there’s ammunition boosted perks; The Hellraiser, which will make players control crowd when they are armed with tools such as C4; The Fixer where there are ammunition restoring perks and exploding ammunition cases; and the Exterminator where there are Molotov cocktails, which will increase fire damage.

Saber Interactive has mentioned the upcoming zombie shooter game last December, and Epic Store will release it. World War Z is semi-realistic, so there’s a sense of realism on how the guns are loaded and being shot. But of course, there are cartoon and animation elements to enhance the fun part of playing.

The Player vs. Player vs. Zombie mode will push two teams of 4 gamers each against one another. Both sides will attempt to survive the attack of swarming zombies, which will come from different directions.

The gameplay is so tight, and its milieu is Moscow. Players can be seen in the trailer battling hordes of undead around snow-covered warehouses and buildings.

There are five multiplayer gaming modes, which include King of the Hill, Swarm Domination, Swarm Deathmatch, Scavenge Raid, and Vaccine Hunt.

In King of the Hill, both teams will fight over a control point. There are several control points in Swarm Domination. Swarm Deathmatch is just an old school type of slugfest with additional zombies.

Some say the most interesting modes in the game are the Scavenge Raid and Vaccine Hunt. In the latter, both teams will fight over a carried item, and they need to get it for points. The former will push gamers to collect scattered resources on the map, which could be buried under corpses.