Netmarble’s Blade & Soul: Revolution Will Launch Globally On IOS And Android

Netmarble’s Blade & Soul: Revolution Will Launch Globally On IOS And Android
Credit: Blade and Soul Revolution via Facebook

Netmarble has announced that its MMORPG title Blade & Soul: Revolutions will launch soon on mobile worldwide. The game was released in Korea on December 6. The announcement was made on their official Facebook page, which was launched at the end of February.

The Facebook page is slowing releasing new information about the game, including an introduction into each race.

Blade & Soul: Revolution was teased for a worldwide release early last year. In March 219, the English version of the logo was released, which raised speculation that the game would be released outside of Korea.

Players can choose from four different races: the powerful Gon, ambition Jin, beautiful Yun, or the cute Lyn. The Jin race has a higher intelligence stat than the other races. They feature two job classes: Blade Master and Kung-Fu Master. The Lyn race is composed of Force Masters, which can be either male or females.

One of the benefits of the game is simplistic gameplay. Players can soar through the sky or dash with only two buttons. Netmarble has previously announced the game would contain PvE story content, giant 500 vs 500 battles, and over 150 cinematic scenes.

Blade & Soul initially launched worldwide in 2016. The Korean martial-arts MMORPG was only available on PC but quickly rose to popularity.

The game has continued to release new content since its release. The newest update is Storm of Arrows: “Bring down a barrage of sharpened destruction on defenseless enemies who will find no solace in facing you on the battlefield. The time has come for you to enter the Earthen Realm as the Zen Archer in the new Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows update! Experience the balance and precision of this new class, plus, test your skills in a new heroic dungeon and new raid dungeon, try out the new legendary gear and much more!”

The 2020 update also includes the Unreal Engine 4 upgrade in the west.

The mobile release doesn’t have an official release date yet. Potential players have been asking questions in the comments on the Facebook page, but the administrators aren’t answering yet.

Blade & Soul: Revolutions is also not yet available on the App Store or Play Store, so players will have to follow Netmarble’s Facebook page for updates.