Monster Hunter Rise For The Switch Gets A Demo Today

Monster Hunter Rise For The Switch Gets A Demo Today
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Monster Hunter series has been trucking along for years now. Capcom knows this series well and knows how to keep fans invested in the stories, loot, and of course, monsters.

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Monster Hunter: World and the expansion Iceborne were some of the best additions in the series to date, and Capcom is looking to build off this momentum with Monster Hunter Rise. It’s a Nintendo Switch exclusive, interestingly enough.

It seems like Capcom wants to cater to the hybrid console owners and give them a new way of defeating epic monsters that are both old and new to the franchise.

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If you’ve been anxiously waiting for more news on this Switch exclusive, you’re in luck. There is a new trailer out now that shows off some of the gameplay, featuring different monsters like Goss Harag and the Great Baggi.

The beasts featured in the trailer above each have their own strengths and weaknesses and as is true with every Monster Hunter game, you’ll have to battle them to find out the best paths for victory.

At the end of the trailer, a March 26th release date is given. That’s not all. Capcom is also putting out a demo for Monster Hunter Rise today, in fact. The developer made this announcement in a livestream earlier today.

So if you have been hoping to check out some actual gameplay on the Switch, you’re in luck. The demo is completely free and will be available until January 31. That’s plenty of time to experience the new location called The Frost Islands.

You’ll also be able to see what new threats there are and run into some fan-favorites. Capcom always does a great job at keeping fans in suspense to see what new monsters they’ve come up with and judging by the trailer up above, it looks like they’ve got a lot of great additions already. Of course, Rise will have some classics like Tigrex.

It’s pretty interesting to see Capcom putting a lot of resources into this Switch exclusive. They know the hybrid console is still a popular system, which was on full display in 2020 when it became increasingly difficult to find a Switch in stock.

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Monster Hunter Rise has the potential to attract a new audience and keep the series going strong well into the new year. And if you have a Switch, you definitely want to check out the demo to see how this upcoming sequel will play.