Meta Has Not Yet Solved The Problem Of Her Legs

Meta Has Not Yet Solved The Problem Of Her Legs
Credit: IGN

In the past, Meta’s avatars consisted of detached torsos that would clumsily float through the air, with the legs being hidden off-screen. Do you recall when Mark Zuckerberg took a virtual picture in front of the miniature Eiffel Tower? No legs. The long-awaited reveal of legs by Meta came replete with a teaser video, although the footage is not “genuine.” Because motion capture was used in its creation, the Meta metaverse does not yet have entire bodies.

Zuckerberg published a video on his website where he can be seen bouncing around and, ostensibly, demonstrating some new technology and explaining how the metaverse could acquire legs. For those who have been curious about the legs that were displayed during the Connect speech, UploadVR editor Ian Hamilton brought this to our attention (thanks, Kotaku). Meta: Motion capture was used to produce the animations presented in this segment so that viewers could have a sneak peek at what was to come.

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Most video games have leg-based gameplay, except the occasional first-person shooter. In these games, when you glance down, you discover that you are merely a flying camera equipped with a weapon and some hands. But Meta is developing a metaverse in virtual reality (VR) and intends to monitor everything in real-time.

This will allow you to see your legs move as you leap or try to kick another player in the digital supermarket for taking a lot of time in the cheese department. After spending billions of dollars, Meta is still attempting to figure out how leg technology works.

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However, Meta is one of many attempting to navigate the metaverse. Even while blockchain-based cryptocurrencies continue to fail to gain widespread adoption, Konami is actively seeking new employees for its business venture in the hopes of constructing one.

Nearly every revelation made by Meta has resulted in criticism and a never-ending series of memes, including one that depicted old Zuck as a scary spider. At the same time, the $1.2 billion figure was displayed. According to reports, there are just 38 users now logged in on Decentraland.