Massive Days Gone Update Will Release Later This Week, It’s Time To Play The Whole Game Over Again

Massive Days Gone Update Will Release Later This Week, It’s Time To Play The Whole Game Over Again
Credit: PlayStation Europe via YouTube

Days Gone first came out towards the end of last April. The game was first developed by SIE Bend Studio for the PlayStation 4 and met with average reviews. But for fans of survival-style games, Days Gone seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. That is why there is some really good news coming out for fans of the game: A brand new and free update will be released later this week for the game that will feature some new features to boost the game’s replayability.

On the 13th, which is this Friday, the update will officially launch. What is in it? Well, the new update includes a lot of the usual bug-fixes and quality of life updates. But it also comes with the addition of a New Game Plus mode, which will allow players to restart the game and keep many of the advantages they had at the end of the game the first time. This will allow the player the ability to explore and check out more areas than they were able to the first time.

The New Game Plus mode is not everything either. There will also be two new difficulty settings so the game will not be too easy to beat the second time around.

Those settings are called “Hard 2” and “Survival 2,” which are essentially one level more difficult than the normal Hard and Survival mode. The hard mode will cause enemies, traps, and random encounters to be more difficult. That’s pretty much self-explanatory. Survival Mode, on the other hand, will include a boost to the difficult to enemies and all the like but it will also make other parts of the game more difficult, introducing a survival element to the game.

The best part about the two new difficulties is this: You can change them at any time during gameplay. So if you restart your game and find it to be far too easy, then you can simply change the difficulty right there and then.

There is no need to restart the game because the difficulty level does not need to be set at the beginning of the game. That is great news and an awesome accessibility feature for gamers.

The New Game Plus mode will allow several elements of the previous game to be carried over into the new game. Players can carry over their firepower and the level of respect they have with the various factions of the games, which will then unlock certain options that were not available in the beginning of the game before.

The latest Days Gone update will be released on September 13th.