The Very Easy Mode Being Added To Death Stranding Should Give Gamers A Casual, Cinematic Experience

The Very Easy Mode Being Added To Death Stranding Should Give Gamers A Casual, Cinematic Experience
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

One of the more unique games set to come out in 2019 is Death Stranding. It definitely looks like something you would see on a sci-fi channel. It immediately stood out when Normand Reedus — the star from The Walking Dead series — decided to jump on board the project. The visuals and themes also leave a lasting impression on your mind.

How can you forget Norman Reedus walking around in a space suit with a baby equipped to his front side? Games don’t get any more strange and unique than this. In addition to the sci-fi elements the developers at Kojima Productions are going for, the game looks quite difficult. There are massive open-ended environments you’ll have to explore, hidden clues to find, and tough boss battles to get through.

Fortunately, the developers aren’t going to leave you hanging. They recently made the announcement of a very ease mode being added to the game. It’s intended for the more casual gamers. You see, the stars involved in this game probably will attract an audience that has never played video games before. You have the aforementioned Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Lea Seydoux, and even Guillermo del Toro. As you can imagine, people looking to see how this story plays out probably would be shell-shocked at the various systems and controls they would have to master.

Kojima Productions is making it easy on these users with the very easy mode. So how exactly will this mode affect the user’s experience? Not much is known about these details at the moment. But it’s safe to assume the creatures you come in contact with will be very easy to defeat or even run away from.

If puzzles are involved in the game, it makes sense that they’ll be easy to solve as plenty of hints will be provided along the way. For the causal or even neophyte gamer, the developers have no problem holding your hand during this tittle. This is meant to help you enjoy the story, as if you’re watching your favorite movie or television series.

It’s a pretty interesting idea when you think about it. There truly are those who care more about story compared to gameplay. It’s the reason why a lot of developers have started putting out more narrative-based games, such as Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human.

However, if you do have some experience playing these types of action-adventure games, there will be the standard normal and hard modes. They involve a lot of mechanics and are perfect if gameplay is your primary interest.