Magic: The Gathering Arena Finally Leaves Open Beta Testing And Going For A Full Launch

Magic: The Gathering Arena Finally Leaves Open Beta Testing And Going For A Full Launch
Credit: Magic: The Gathering via YouTube

Fans are thrilled as Magic: The Gathering Arena is finally leaving its beta testing phase and will be launched at the end of September.

Though several weeks ago the game developer makes an announcement of its upcoming release in the Epic Games Store this coming winter, it only pertains to the game’s release in the store itself and has nothing to do with its full launch, which will take place as soon as this September 26 on the developer’s website.

Famously known as MTG Arena or only Arena, this game is a digital card game that can be played for free and is developed by the Wizard of the Coast. Players can collect cards by winning the game, purchasing them, or via booster packs. They can also self-build their decks and use them to confront other players.

In terms of play styles, the game supported two plays; Constructed and Draft play. The former play involves the creation of card decks from the player’s existing library that consists of base cards and pre-made packs. The library will have more cards in-store as the players conquer their quest and win combats. The cards collected along the game will allow players to build, customize, and improve their own decks.

On the other hand, the latter play offers pre-given special booster packs that players can use to build their decks. The deck will stop working in either two instances: the player won seven battles or lost the game three times while using the deck. Here’s a beginner’s guide to the game.

The game was first released in its beta phase in a couple of years ago in November 2017. The version that will be launched this September can be played on Microsoft Windows, and by 2020, it is said that a macOS version will be released.

Coincidently, another brand new card set game released by the same developer, will also launch at the same time. The latest tabletop game is called Throne of Eldraine and involves fraudster fairies and honorable knights in the land of castles.

The Throne of Eldraine Brawl decks is now available for players as early as today. Brawls decks are the new method introduced by the game developer that allows players to utilize their standard-legal cards and use multiplayer magic. Players have the chance to get the Brawl, play them, and earn credits for this game until September 9.

Players that participate in this game will earn an exclusive avatar and cards during the full launch of MTG Arena.