Next Week’s Summer Update For Rockstar’s Red Dead Online Will Unlock Specialist Roles For All Characters

Next Week’s Summer Update For Rockstar’s Red Dead Online Will Unlock Specialist Roles For All Characters
Credit: Rockstar via Youtube

Red Dead Online is progressively getting better and better. Rockstar, the developers behind Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2, are doing this best to make sure Red Dead Online is as real as humanly possible. Now, finally, the Online version of Red Dead Redemption 2 will give its players the ability to play as one of four specialist professions.

There are three potential professions to choose from. Each player can choose to be either a bounty hunter, a trader, or a collector. And each of those specialist roles confers different benefits and will impact the playstyles of each player. In effect, Rockstar has added a whole new layer to the game.

In order to become one class or another, the player will need to cough up 15 gold bars. That’s a steep price! But the benefits are probably worth it. Each class will have its own ranks that the player can advance through, and each advance in rank will confer rewards. For example, gold, cash, brand new items, and skills.

Bounty hunters can find bounties at the local law office. Taking down a bounty will reward the player with monetary awards. But once the Bounty Hunter crosses level 12, they will gain the ability to take down other players with rewards on their heads.

Traders can set up a trading post out in the wilderness. They also get a so-called camp companion named Cripps. Well, there’s not much more to be said. The point here is to trade: First, acquire goods and materials and Cripps will sell them.

Collectors find rare items and sell them. They are essentially the beachcombers of the game world. They will hunt down things like buried treasures or tarot cards. Collectors even get the chance to unlock a special shovel and a metal detector.

The Summer Update is not the only thing Rockstar has had in the works for Red Dead Online. This is just one of a number of updates developers have dropped for the game.

A few months ago, a showdown mode called Sport of Kings was released. And that wasn’t all. Rockstar also released items for the Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. Catalogue: three new pieces of gear. There was the Strung Sombrero, Gibbston Pants, and Chuparosa Poncho. All items make great additions to the game. Expect something similar for the Summer Update.

Red Dead Online‘s Summer Update comes out September 10th, which is Tuesday of next week. Keep your eyes posted if you like the online country life.