LCK – Gen.G Took Down Afreeca Freecs In Their Last Summer Split League Champions Korea Match

LCK – Gen.G Took Down Afreeca Freecs In Their Last Summer Split League Champions Korea Match
Credit: Image via Riot Games

Gen.G finished the 2020 LCK Summer Split on a high note, taking down Afreeca Freecs in their last regular season match in a convincing 2-0 League of Legends series.

The Gen.G bottom lane of Ruler and Life both received the Player of the Game awards for their outstanding performances on Senna and Alistar, respectively. Ruler’s Senna was a joy to watch, finishing deathless with a 6/0/6 scoreline.

His game-deciding ultimates saved Gen.G from multiple deaths along the way. Life, on the other hand, was a monster Alistar, landing crucial combos both in the lane and outside of the landing phase onto enemies.

The first game began chaotically for both teams. Kills were picked up around the map and the game was looking quite even with four kills on both sides of the scoreboard.

After a hectic fight in the bottom lane, Gen.G secured a huge lead and maintained it throughout the rest of the game. Ruler used his lead to take over the game, landing crucial roots and ultimate as the game went by. AFS were unable to pick up another kill in the following 15 minutes, slowly suffocating to Gen.G’s pressure across the entire map.

The second game began with multiple kills again, except Gen.G came out ahead every time. After securing a small gold lead at the five-minute mark, they maintained it for the rest of the game, building it to more than 16,000 by 32 minutes. AFS failed to secure a single neutral objectives and lost the game.

Ruler was a monster once again, but his support Life landed combos to snowball him. While supports usually go underappreciated, it’s great to see that everyone voted him as the Player of the Game, bringing him out of Ruler’s shadow.

AFS maintained their title of being the gatekeeper to playoffs. They won 2-0 against the teams ranked sixth to 10th, while losing 0-2 to teams ranked first to fourth. Previously Hanwha Life Esports held this title, but they’ve fallen off this split, finishing in the bottom part of the standings.

Gen.G finished the season on a high note in third place, while Afreeca Freecs finished fifth. While AFS will have to go through T1 in the wildcard best-of-three round of playoffs before they qualify for playoffs, Gen.G are safe since they’ve defeated both T1 and AFS recently and looked much better. It’s going to be interesting to see how will Gen.G keep performing and if the organization can earn another World Championship.