LCK – DRX Reverse Swept SeolHaeOne Prince During Week 9 Of League Champions Korea Summer Split

LCK – DRX Reverse Swept SeolHaeOne Prince During Week 9 Of League Champions Korea Summer Split
Credit: Image via Riot Games

DRX reverse swept SeolHaeOne Prince  in a tight three-game League of Legends series in week nine of the 2020 LCK Summer Split.

All of SP members showed up huge, almost upsetting the top-two seed of DRX. But in the end, the experience of DRX was too much for them to handle. SP had poor calls even when they were ahead, which led them to lose the second and third games.

DRX jungler Pyosik and support Keria picked up the Player of the Game awards for the series. Keria played a mean Braum, denying crucial abilities with his shield, while Pyosik was the life saver in the second game with his Elder Dragon steal.

The first game began in an unexpected way with SP securing early leads everywhere on the map. SP’s jungler Flawless on Nidalee was a treat to watch, mimicking the top-tier Nidalees in the region. He was roaming everywhere around the map, being wherever his team needed him to be.

Following the early game domination, SP maintained their lead and dismantled DRX in a 34-minute game.

After the success of the first game from SP, DRX adjusted their draft, denying crucial picks in the second game ban phase. This was not enough to stop SP from securing early advantages, however. SP’s top lane Iksuu on Volibear decided to take the game in his own hands. After getting an early solo kill in the top lane, he teleported a couple of seconds later to pick up another one.

In the third game, DRX changed their draft once again. They were falling behind due to SP’s pressure and were losing every single dragon. SP funneled all resources in one spot, which allowed DRX to come back and earn themselves a gold lead. The game was 50/50 in the mid-game, but following a failed Elder Dragon play from SP, DRX won the game. Pyosik was the centerpiece at this win with his Smite.

DRX lost the early game quite hard, falling behind more than 3,000 gold by fifteen minutes. They regrouped going into the mid-game and started using their teamfight composition to great success. Following several wins and a Baron, DRX were able to equalize the series.

DRX will finish the season at least in second place following this win. However, they do plenty of mistakes and need to be careful if they want a shot at this year’s title of a World Champion following their dominant performance.