If World Of Warcraft Gamers Are Spending New Year’s Eve In-Game, They Can Enjoy The Fireworks And Wreak Havoc On Booty Bay

If World Of Warcraft Gamers Are Spending New Year’s Eve In-Game, They Can Enjoy The Fireworks And Wreak Havoc On Booty Bay
Credit: World of Warcraft

With the decade coming to a close, World of Warcraft gamers can ring in the new year by hanging out in Azeroth and watching a fireworks show.

Tonight, the Alliance can head to Stormwind, and Horde to Orgrimmar, to catch the show. Starting at 6 pm Realm Time, there will be a fireworks display above the capital city. It will continue every hour, on the hour, throughout the night, and culminating at midnight to celebrate the start of a new decade.

Gamers can expect the capital to be full of festive players. As shenanigans typically happen during big holidays, there may be a dance party in the Auction House, or a player trying to win their last duel of the decade outside the walls of the capital.

And, for those looking for something a little more extreme, Booty Bay may be the perfect place to stop by. It sounds like the guards are taking the night off to enjoy the holiday, which can only mean one thing, Horde and Alliance purging.

No matter how festive this game gets, it always reverts to one of its hallmarks: wreaking havoc on enemy players and NPCs.

So, if a World of Warcraft gamer is planning to spend this evening online, there is no shortage of things to do!

As 2020 is only a few years away, people around the world will be coming up with their New Year’s Resolution. That could involve going to the gym, spending more time with the family, or saving more money. Could a resolution also include Horde and Alliance deciding to get along in-game and on Reddit boards? No? Okay. Let’s move on then.

If there is one game that genuinely enjoys rolling out content as the seasons’ change, it’s World of Warcraft. They are constantly dropping new world events and in-game elements that mirror what’s going on in America.

Until January 2nd, gamers can participate in the annual Feast of Winter Veil. With tons of achievements to earn and winter loot to gather, Blizzard knows how to celebrate the holidays.

There are only a couple more days for players to earn the “Merrymaker” title, and if gamers want to learn how to do that, click here!

Also, if players are interested, this is the last day to adopt the baby llama “Dottie” while supporting two fantastic charities. The purchase price proceeds of every Dottie purchase will be split between Make-A-Wish and We. Also, Dottie is as adorable as any in-game pet. Click here to learn more about these two organizations and where to buy Dottie!