Hytale’s Creators Have Stated That The Game Won’t Be Launched In 2023

Hytale’s Creators Have Stated That The Game Won’t Be Launched In 2023
Credit: pcgamer

On the official Hytale MMORPG website, a summer post with up-to-date details about the project’s status has been published. Unfortunately, the Hypixel Studios team chose to delay the game’s release date only after compiling the results and news on the present situation.

The event has been continuously pushed back. Finally, the “summer update” claims that the reason for the delay is a complete rewrite of the Hytale engine that will enable future platform releases of the game.

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Rebuilding the engine will also enhance future Hytale support while enhancing performance. Unfortunately, the post itself makes no mention of a new release date:

The game won’t be prepared for release in 2023. We believe we are acting in the best interests of the game and our players, despite the fact that this news is bound to elicit mixed emotions.

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Thanks to Riot Games’ assistance, the future of the Minecraft-inspired MMORPG Hytale is not something to be concerned about. The studio staff has increased in size recently from 30 to 100 people. And the studio is still expanding steadily. In other words, sufficient resources should be available for development.

A change in the engine is not particularly noteworthy given the expansion in the scope of development because Hytale’s progress has been plagued by multiple significant slowdowns. In addition, riot Games purchased Hypixel Studios in 2020, right as a pandemic made life difficult for everyone.

The remaining portion of the development update discusses the three potential Hytale game modes. One mode uses procedurally generated worlds and is a creative play mode.

The next is social, which focuses on minigames and exchanging inventive ideas from the creative mode. Finally, the third type of RPG experience is a “meaningful challenge and narrative experience,” where players enter more curated but still randomly generated worlds. There is further information on a few bizarre-looking creative tools as well.