HoloVista Is A Surreal Puzzle Experience Headed for iOS Devices This Month

HoloVista Is A Surreal Puzzle Experience Headed for iOS Devices This Month
Credit: Aconite

Explore a mixed reality environment as developer Aconite introduces the surreal puzzle game HoloVista. This unique title will be headed to the App Store for mobile release on iOS devices at the end of the month. This game will introduce players to a unique narrative mixed with a puzzle experience.

Enter a dreamlike mansion as you photograph mysterious spaces and confront deeply hidden secrets. As Camen, junior architect, and new hire, it is your job to learn the mystery of this building and photograph its unique insides.

HoloVista is a story-driven puzzle game that takes players into the inside of a dreamlike mansion. As you learn about the house, it learns about you showing you lush environments all viewed through your phone camera. Find hidden objects, solve puzzles, and get to know the characters within this strange home.

This game mixes Augmented Reality and Storytelling into an immersive and unique experience. This game is designed to add magic into the lives of players by helping them see the unseeable around them.

From the screenshots to the artistic style this game borders on surreal but is lodged into the world of believability. Fans will get to explore a unique vision of a strange world, and as the character within the game experience why the world matters and manifests in the way it does.

This game comes with a unique aesthetic mixed with a revolutionary control scheme that mixes future and past design features into a glorious blend of surreal imagery.  This game could be classified as Sci-Fi but borders on the edge of art giving it a strange reality in itself.

The team obviously worked hard to present a unique and thrilling world that would drive the player deeper into the unknown edges of space and time. Explore a unique artistic environment and gain a new fascination for that which cant be understood.

For more information be sure to explore the developer’s website. It is full of great images, gifs, and descriptions of the title.

This will be a mobile exclusive mainly due to the control scheme involved. Players are recommended to play this game in a room where they can have full 360 degree control of their mobile device’s perspective.

HoloVista is set to release later this year for iOS devices. Players should keep an eye on this title as both an interesting game as well as a unique artistic journey.