League Of Legends Is Coming To Mobile Devices And Consoles Soon, More Ways To Play The Popular MOBA Title

League Of Legends Is Coming To Mobile Devices And Consoles Soon, More Ways To Play The Popular MOBA Title
Credit: Riot Via Youtube

League of Legends has dominated the PC MOBA market for a long time. With the 10 year celebrations underway, Riot Games has announced that the game will be coming to consoles and mobile devices. It is currently unclear if it will hold its popularity on the new platforms or what problems might occur for this edition, but fans are excited nonetheless.

What is known is that it is being called League of Legends: Wild Rift and will have some major changes compared to the PC version. A modified version of the map, a new interface, and the adaptation to a dual-stick control scheme have all been added to the game. The matches are also notably shorter, finishing in 15-20 minutes instead of the hour-long PC games.

Alpha and betas will be coming at the end of the year for players to experience their favorite MOBA on a different screen. In the game, you will find the familiar Riot mechanics that made their other game such a huge hit. There will be 5v5 matches along with 40 characters from the League of Legend’s roster.

Riot game plans to launch the mobile version across the globe by the end of 2020. The mobile version will be launched before the console’s debut, but it will be free to download and play. The game is said to be free of required microtransactions allowing players to earn every champion without ever paying a cent to the company.

The game will not have crossplay with the desktop version, so do not be worried about being a mobile player in a PC world. It does use your main League of Legends account so you will gain extra rewards if you are a dedicated League player.

Similar to the full version of League of Legends, the game relies on team fights and tactics. You will find that many of the skills learned in the full game transfer quickly into the mobile experience.

This is one of many large titles coming to mobile markets. Fans remain excited to bring their games with them on the go, and a mobile League of Legends is a welcomed surprise. So bring your skills, plans, and teams to explore a new generation of players in the world that you have grown to love.

Pre-registration is already available on Android devices. You can find a sign-up spot on the game’s main page within the Google Play store. It will be free upon launch and in the alpha and beta phases.