Harry Potter Wizards Unite Is Getting Dragons During Their First Fan Fest, Then Dragons Will Be Released To The World

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Is Getting Dragons During Their First Fan Fest, Then Dragons Will Be Released To The World
Credit: Niantic

During the San Diego Comic-Con panel the studio behind Harry Potter: Wizards Unite revealed that dragons would be making an appearance in the game. They are planned to take a similar role to exclusive Pokemon, making different dragon varients region-based. This will bring the much needed regional diversity into the game along with a big celebration at the first Fan Festival.

In a skilled movement, Niantic is quickly helping fans see that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a much different game than their other titles. Upon launch, many were concerned that the game would be a reclone of the widely successful Pokemon Go game, but the company is doing a good job keeping Harry Potter fresh and different.

Players will have their first chance to cast spells at the dragons during the Fan Festival event in Indianapolis on August 31 and September 1. There are multiple species of dragon available including the Common Welsh Green dragon and the Antipodean Opaleye. After the event, Niantic will spread the dragons to regions around the world.

For fans hoping to attend the event make sure to register in the app for your ticket drawing if you want a chance to explore Indiana’s White River State Park. Although the main functions of the event are free a chance to wander the woods with your fellow wizards will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Niantic is gathering attention with their community days and fan festivals as it brings fans of the game together in massive groups to share in their hobby. Unlike a convention, the community day is a more casual event focused around the phone game. Lifelong friends have been made at the event, and many are tweeting out the great success that each event holds.

It will be interesting to see what Niantic does in the future with the Harry Potter franchise. After the stunt with the Team Rocket balloon at the Pokemon Go Fan Fest, many wonder if they can expect an even more massive surprise. With a game featuring Augmented Reality behind its central premise, the sky is the limit to what the company could accomplish with their games digitally.

There is currently no timetable released for when the dragons will make a worldwide appearance. Fans are hoping that it will be close to the end of the Fan Fest for those who can not attend. As players get their wands at the ready, they prepare for the oncoming fun of slaying digital dragons.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a free game on both Android and iOS devices. For those hoping to get involved in the game, it is still early in its conception, allowing for no significant events to have passed as of yet.