Hades Now Offers Cross-Platform Saving Between PC And Nintendo Switch With Caveat

Hades Now Offers Cross-Platform Saving Between PC And Nintendo Switch With Caveat
Credit: SuperGiant via YouTube

Supergiant Games came out swinging with Hades, the roguelike action-adventure that puts players in the sandals of Prince Zagreus that finds himself well in the midst of the common-fare Greek drama between a stretched family tree that looks like an infant got a hold of some crayons.

Yet it handles this mix well, between fleshing out some of the more esoteric bits of Greek mythology while offering impeccably blistering action that ranges throughout the depths of Hell while fighting a fantastic assortment of nasties and minions of Hades.

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Hades is a pristine example of Early Access done right, where consumers were consistently informed of upcoming events and updates were delivered in high-quality form across the span of the Early Access title. You wouldn’t think this is difficult to do, keeping fans abreast of changes that are occurring, but it apparently is a brutal endeavor that many developers have failed to do.

So when news broke yesterday that Supergiant Games had implemented cross-platform saves between PC and the Nintendo Switch, it was perhaps seen as par for the course coming from the developers fast-approaching a legendary status after the likes of Transistor and Bastion.

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It should be noted that players need to save their games in different slots, and failure to do so can mean that you end up overwriting your progress on one platform or the other; an aspect that a few have unfortunately seemed to have already learned of the hard way.

If you accidentally save over a previous file, you shouldn’t be too torn just yet; see if you can start on the platform where the save might have been overwritten, loading into the current save.

Admittedly, it isn’t the cleanest implementation in the world; renaming files and entering in various data across platforms, but it’s also a far cry from not implementing the mechanic in the first place.

Some would note that this is encouraging double-dipping for the title; to be played both on the go and in the comfort of your PC environment alike, where both platforms offer their own unique advantages for those that are eager to try them.

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If you’re still struggling to make this work, Supergiant Games is asking players to hop into their Discord channel where people can help guide players towards having cross-platform saving enabled.

One should note that, once you conduct the mechanics necessary to link the two platforms, you’re smooth-sailing from there. Might as well bite the proverbial bullet and do it once.