NBA 2K20 Gets New Update As Patch 1.04 Addresses Stability Concerns And Other Issues

NBA 2K20 Gets New Update As Patch 1.04 Addresses Stability Concerns And Other Issues
Credit: 2K Sports

Developer 2K Sports has just released the fourth patch for the recently-released NBA 2K20, and this one is significantly smaller than the previous patch, which was around 20 GB. On the PlayStation 4, the fourth patch for NBA 2K20 is around 100 MB.

Below are the patch notes that have officially been listed by 2K.

  • Fixed the game hanging when attempting to leave the Neighborhood (via exiting to the main menu, playing your next NBA game, etc) after previously viewing the animation store.
  • Added some minor multiplayer improvements.
  • Fixed crashing issues.
  • Added stability improvements.
  • Various other minor fixes.

Following the patch, players have noticed that the leaping abilities of shot blockers have been somewhat reduced, thus no longer allowing non-leapers to get more height on their jumps than their current rating should allow. Also, there have been some minor changes to how ball-handlers react to on-ball defenders, but it’s nothing that is going to drastically have an impact on gameplay.

Other than what’s already been mentioned, it’s difficult to identify other issues that have been addressed in NBA 2K20’s fourth patch. Of course, 2K could provide more information regarding the patch in the coming days.

It’s been a rough few weeks for the NBA 2K franchise, as fans have, for the most part, reacted negatively to the game. Sure, it’s still a great basketball game, but the negativity surrounding its almost necessary microtransactions has hurt 2K’s image. Moreover, at this point, it’s clear that, in terms of gameplay, 2K’s annual NBA game plays the same every year. Also, the character models and creation options have remained largely the same throughout the current generation. Essentially, some players feel that, at this point, they’re just buying the game for a roster update.

Even though the fans haven’t been kind to NBA 2K20, the negativity probably won’t hurt the franchise all that much, as they’re essentially the only game in town. Sure, EA does still produce the NBA Live series, but to say that EA’s NBA game has fallen from grace would be an understatement. EA recently revealed that the upcoming NBA Live 20 has been delayed until December, which pretty much tells you all you need to know about the lack of competition in the NBA video game world.

Hopefully, 2K will continue to add significant updates to this year’s NBA game, as the pre-patch edition of the game was plagued with issues, which is one of the biggest reasons why it’s been so poorly received.