Creative Director For Borderlands 3 Confirms That Post-Launch DLC Will Not Add More Vault Hunters

Creative Director For Borderlands 3 Confirms That Post-Launch DLC Will Not Add More Vault Hunters
Credit: Gearbox

In the past, the Borderlands franchise has featured some pretty sizable post-launch updates, some of which included adding new tiers of progression, new story content, and new Vault Hunters. However, while Borderlands 3 already has a ton of post-launch content on the way, none of it will include new playable characters.

Upon release, Borderlands 3 featured four playable Vault Hunters: Amara, FL4K, Moze, and Zane. Of course, many predicted that a few more would get added at some point, but according to Paul Sage, who is the creative director for Borderlands 3, Gearbox isn’t planning on adding more playable Vault Hunters to their latest release.

During a recent Q&A, Sage was asked about characters getting added in the future, and he kept his response short as he said: “probably not, no.”

The creative director for Borderlands 3 went on to explain why Gearbox won’t add new characters to the game, saying that the decision is based on data that the developers have collected, which told them that, in previous titles, fans of the franchise rarely use characters who get added post-launch.

But, while Gearbox isn’t going to add any new Vault Hunters to Borderlands 3, the game is set to get a ton of DLC updates soon, the first of which is being called Bloody Harvest. The DLC, which will be free, will feature new Halloween-themed legendaries, character skins, enemies, environments, and a new but familiar boss. But, before gaining access to the Bloody Harvest map, players must first tackle the task of defeating a few haunted enemies.

Haunted enemies are something completely new to the Borderlands franchise, as they’re enemies that, once defeated, will spawn a ghost, which will, of course, also need to be dealt with. Upon respawning as a ghost, these enemies will come back with a new debuff called Terror, which will create a mist that blocks the players’ vision, weakens accuracy, handling, and spread.

Haunted enemies won’t be the only ones who will be able to use the Terror debuff, as it’ll be made available to the players as well. On top of that, the Bloody Harvest DLC event will give players a chance to unlock two new legendaries, as well as a new grenade mod based on this event.

As of this writing, Gearbox hasn’t revealed when the Bloody Harvest event will take place, but given its title and theme, it’s pretty safe to assume that’ll be released sometime around Halloween.