Garbage: Hobo Prophecy Is A Hobo Fighting Game That Is Headed For Steam

Garbage: Hobo Prophecy Is A Hobo Fighting Game That Is Headed For Steam
Credit: Steam XO

A new hobo-themed indie game is headed to Steam from publisher GrabTheGames and indie developer Homebased. In Garbage: Hobo Prophecy, players fight as hobos in a brawling experience that they are sure to not forget. Players get to experience the struggle of being homeless as they fight for not only their lives but for food, shelter, and hygiene.

This title has released a brand new demo for fans to enjoy as Garbage: Hobo Prophecy acts as an extended prologue for the eventual release of Garbage. The title will be released on Steam, and the demo is free to play for anyone interested in attempting the hobo life.

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Garbage: Hobo Prophecy puts players in the shoes, or lack thereof, a hobo who must survive in a humorous world. Take on primitive elements as you stay warm, stay fed, and attempt minor levels of hygiene in a world without a home.

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While the core of the game is to be a fighting simulator, players will also get to take part in the management and base-building elements. Take on the battle that the homeless go through every day as the game presents a humorous and non-offensive look at a global issue.

Follow the story of the main character through creatively presented hand-drawn comics. These comics present the silliness of Garbage world without the negative emotions that come with being a hobo. Explore a grim city environment with catchy music and special effects.

In Garbage, the fights are automatic, and players do their preparations before the fight. This is a new world for the simulation genre as players choose between hundreds of skills in an effort to create the perfect fighter.

Aside from combat, the game also challenges players to create buildings, survive on minimal resources, and prioritize necessities in the world of Garbage. This game will have you taking care of bums as you feed, shower, and train them for fights.

Enjoy an in-depth weather system, day and night, and even seasonal changes. This game is about survival, combat, and being the best hobo out there.

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Garbage: Hobo Prophecy is already on steam and is free to play. The main game is predicted to be released soon, but for the time being, this title is going to remain a PC exclusive. As for audiences, this title takes a comical look at being a hobo and is most likely good for most audiences to enjoy.