Fortnite’s Siphon Mode Is Back For A Limited Time. The Only Way To Regain Health And Shield Is By Eliminating Other Players!

Fortnite’s Siphon Mode Is Back For A Limited Time. The Only Way To Regain Health And Shield Is By Eliminating Other Players!
Credit: Fortnite

Fortnite just received a new limited-time mode and it’s Siphon! Players have seen this mode before as it was available to play last winter.

It’s an exhilarating, fast-paced mode that forces gamers to be more aggressive than they typically would be during a Battle Royale.

Fortnite players can only heal their health or replenish their shield by eliminating other gamers.

By eliminating someone, a player replenishes up to 50 Health, and if their health is restored to 100 percent, the rest goes towards their shield, until that has filled. There isn’t a compounding effect, however. This means that if the player’s health and shield are at max, the rest of the points earned will go towards nothing.

Since players can only restore their health and shield by eliminating others, healing items are not available in Siphon, including Bandages, Apples, Medkits, Slurp Juice, and Chug Juice. Shield items have been removed as well, including Mushrooms, Small Shield Potions, and Shield Potions.

Siphon is a really popular mode, so it’s no surprise that Epic Games brought it back for a limited-time.

It originally came out as a limited-time mode in December of 2018, on the second day of the 14 Days of Fortnite event.

When Siphon was removed from Fortnite, there were mixed reviews from the community. Some players rejoiced, and others complained. Back in September, the #BringSiphonBack picked up some steam on Twitter, which evidently, Epic Games took notice of.

A big issue with Siphon was that casual players were becoming increasingly frustrated with it. Epic Games stated that casual players stopped playing Fortnite because of Siphon. Skilled players were flocking to the game because of the game mode, and were laying waste to casuals.

However, Epic Games brought the mode back, so either they forgot about the reception, or they’re not too worried about the potential damage Siphon may cause.

Judging by replies to the tweet that’s embedded in this post, the community is somewhat split about Siphon. Some players are calling for it to be implemented in all game modes, and some gamers are saying versions of “thanks, but no thanks.”

Who knows how long Siphon will be around for? Since it’s a limited-time mode, it’s up to Epic Games. They will probably keep an eye on the community to see how players are reacting to it.

One thing is for sure, since it’s a limited-time mode, it won’t be around forever. So, Siphon fans should try to get the most out of it while they can!