Fortnite Is Possibly Getting A Kratos Skin As Reported By Famous Leaker

Fortnite Is Possibly Getting A Kratos Skin As Reported By Famous Leaker
Credit: Tabor Hill via YouTube

Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale known for a lot of things, from regular updates to themed content. It’s also a game that has a huge list of skins for players to select from.

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That has been huge for Fortnite continuing to rake in the dough, even still in 2020. The list as it stands today is pretty impressive. You have fan-favorites like John Wick, Black Knight, and Reaper. The list always continues to grow with every season it seems.

It looks like Epic Games is going down the God of War path if you believe the recent rumors. According to HypeX — a popular Fortnite leaker — Kratos will in fact be coming to Fortnite sometime here pretty soon.

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Epic Games hasn’t confirmed or denied these rumors, but based on the leaker’s track record, it’s pretty safe to assume that the God of War will be making his Fortnite debut. That has a lot of players excited.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see this skin reveal actually turn out to be true either considering Sony’s recent investment in Epic Games. The relationship on paper gives rise to a lot of collaborative efforts, with this Kratos skin probably just being the tip of the iceberg.

Fortnite has been amazing in the skin department. Kratos’ addition would be just one of many others that continue to help this battle royale shine bright. Now this skin more than likely won’t be free. Based on past skin upgrades of this caliber, players are looking at upwards of $20.

Is that a good deal? For some, it is. Being able to play with Kratos in Fortnite matches sounds incredible. Who else would you want to go to battle with when the stakes are high and only one victor can remain? It seems like a no-brainer for many players to get.

If you’ve been away from Fortnite news, Season 5 is currently going on. Much of the focus has been on hunters, which is another reason why it makes sense that Kratos would be added to the mix. In many ways, he’s the ultimate hunter. His god-like powers and inability to stop when the going gets tough is a match made in heaven for this class of players.

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Now we just need to hear from Epic Games directly to confirm this rumor. It could happen any minute now as players are still enjoying the bevy of new content from Season 5. It seems to be going over well.