Fortnite Adds New Limited Time Game Mode Called ‘Horde Rush’

Fortnite Adds New Limited Time Game Mode Called ‘Horde Rush’
Credit: Epic Games via YouTube

Epic Games has rolled out another patch for one of their most popular titles, Fortnite, which is now available across all platforms. Among other things included in the update, the studio has added a new, limited time game mode called Horde Rush.

In case you missed it, Epic Games rolled out the very first trailer for the game mode on Thursday, which you can check out below.

In Horde Rush, players will be dropped onto an island with three additional human companions, where teams of up to four players will defend areas against various waves of Fortnite Fiends. To simplify it, the newest addition to Fortnite is essentially a survival mode.

Much like with other special, limited time game modes in Fortnite, Hoard Rush has its own unique list of challenges that players can complete. These challenges will be available for the duration of the Hoard Rush game mode, and upon completion, players will be granted XP. If players manage to complete all of the mode’s challenges, then they’ll earn a special wrap for their troubles.

On top of adding the Hoard Rush mode, Epic Games has also added new items to Fortnite Creative and to their Save The World mode, which is currently available for purchase if you’re willing to part with $39.99. Of course, the mode is expected to go completely free later this year.

Epic also added a mode called One Shot Duos in their latest patch, in which every player will start off with 50 health, and the only weapon that will be available is a sniper rifle. Also in the mode, bandages are the only way players can heal themselves.

The studio has also added a new weapon in its latest patch, which is being called a Proximity Grenade Launcher. The new weapon will fire what’s being described as “arcing, bouncing, explosive projectiles” that will detonate when they’re near enemy players.

On top of that, Epic has modified and added more balance to some of the existing weapons in Fortnite. For example, the Storm Flip, which was added as part of last week’s patch, will now deal flat damage as opposed to being based on the current storm phase.

Epic has also decreased the availability of the Mounted Turret, and on top of that, they’ve also decreased the availability of some of the game’s more common variants of the Heavy Assault Rifle.

As of this writing, it’s not yet known if the Horde Rush mode will be brought back after its limited run ends.