Football Manager 2021 Pre-orders Now Available Ahead Of November 24 Release

Football Manager 2021 Pre-orders Now Available Ahead Of November 24 Release
Credit: Football Manager 2021 via Steam

Sega and Sports Interactive’s Football Manager 2021 is preparing to launch on both PC, Mac, Xbox, and mobile. The game will launch on all platforms on November 24. Players can preorder the game now on the platform of their choice.

Football Manager 2021 is the latest in the series where players can lead their team to success. The new installment adds new content and upgrades to create new levels of depth, drama, and an authentic football experience. It’s up to players to work hard as their team’s manager.

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The new game offers more than 50 nations and 2,500 clubs to choose from at every level, with almost endless possibilities. Managers choose the colors and challenges that best fit their style. Players will also work with their backroom staff to assess the strength of their squad before checking out the transfer market.

Managers will spend lots of time crafting various strategies, formations, and styles of play for each match. By reviewing each strategy, managers can ensure their teams will be victorious. If managers are successful, they can watch all their hard work pay off.

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Communication has received an upgrade to make it appear more realistic. Players can use quick gestures to convey emotions or use Quick Chats to informally speak to each player. These short conversations can make or break a team, as they can make an impact on players.

Managers will receive improved analysis and advice in pre-match build-up. They’ll also get more reaction and post-match information with the brand new xG system. This will help managers analyze how well their team did in the last match.

Football Manager now includes new and improved staff roles, meetings, and interactions. Recruitment meetings with the scouting team will ensure everyone is on the same wavelength and making the right decisions for the future. Managers can also now directly approach agents to see if a player is interested in joining their club.

End of season play has also improved. Managers can watch a review presentation to learn their best and worst moments. Victory presentations have improved titles and can gain media attention.

Players on PC and Mac will receive Football Manager 2021 Touch for free.

In a blog post, the developer stated that COVID-19 would not be part of the game as an “illness.” While others may choose to add in via mods, similar to the 2020 version of the game, the developer hopes players can enjoy the game as an escape from real-life issues.

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Football Manager 2021 launches on PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and mobile on November 24.