First Person Shooter, Warface: Titan, Celebrates 6th Anniversary With $60 Weapon Pack Giveaways

First Person Shooter, Warface: Titan, Celebrates 6th Anniversary With $60 Weapon Pack Giveaways
Credit: Warface via YouTube

Free-to-play FPS game, Warface: Titan will be celebrating its 6th birthday this week with loads of content drops. The shooting game has also recently received the Warface: Titan update with loads of new in-game content adding to a list of gameplay possibilities.

Warface started as a decent PvP shooter, though the game had some rough times standing out during its early release. Over the years, the game has gathered an identity in the gaming world with its infusion of sci-fi gameplay and an injection of some PvE mode.

The PvP military shooter now considers itself as a premier MMOFPS with millions of game followers from across the world. To re-establish its roots in the FPS gaming arena, Warface: Titan is adding a new fifth class playable character.

The Terminator-like robot will be equipped with gun-like baseball whammies. The game not only is content-rich but is also leading the gaming pack with its PvP offerings and lots of gameplay modes. Also, there are already five-classes of characters to add to a player’s gaming experience. Warface: Titan now also sports a vast arsenal with customization features.

So for players who are looking for a great FPS game, Warface has all you need from its story mode to its co-op PvE gameplay. And that’s not to say that Warface: Titan is entirely free-to-play.

And to top it all for the game’s 6th Anniversary, Steam will be giving away a total of 100 keys for the new Yellow Emperor Pack. Usually priced at $59.99, lucky players will have a chance to own some of the most desirable weapons, including the ACR assault rifle, ACR CQB Submachine gun, Desert Eagle pistol, AS50 Sniper rifle, and the Fabarm STF 12 Compact shotgun.

The five rifles are all embellished with the golden dragon skin and customized just for the 6th Anniversary celebrations of the game. Along with the custom rifles, players will also get a total of 1,000 Kredits.

The Warface currency can be used to purchase in-game merchandise, including cosmetic skins,
XP boosters, loot boxes, and resurrection coins. The prizes can be won by entering the competition via the website.

To celebrate six years of gaming fun, Warface: Titan is also bringing in some side events, including the Share-A-Screenshot Facebook challenge and the create a gift card invitation contest.

For more details about upcoming Warface: Titan 6th Anniversary events, simply visit the website.