Fashion Police Squad Is A Fantastic Arena FPS Retro-Shooter, Even If It Appears To Be A Novelty Title

Fashion Police Squad Is A Fantastic Arena FPS Retro-Shooter, Even If It Appears To Be A Novelty Title
Credit: pcgamer

The independent developers at Mopeful Games‘ Fashion Police Squad is a fantastically vibrant little arena shooter that you might have skipped when it was released the other week. In it, you play Sergeant Des, and your mission is to discover a network of fashion crimes while brandishing a sewing machine pistol.

Although it might seem like a joke, it got so many excellent ratings that I had to give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a nice game hidden beneath the flashy surface. If like me, you dismissed this one based just on appearance, you are utterly mistaken.

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The need to switch between weaponry is the core of the Fashion Police Squad. The Tailormade sewing machine is an offensive weapon that is particularly effective against ill-fitting and baggy clothing, whilst your 2DYE4 is a shotgun that paints on bright colors and drains overly colorful apparel with a beam to supercharge.

On the spot, you match the right weapon to the right kind of enemy, taking out the most deadly enemies first before moving on to the others. Similar to the best Arena shooters, navigating the most hazardous regions requires a combination of speed, skill, and an ability to recognize hazards. That is supported by the Fashion Police Squad’s clever movement mechanics.

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Utilizing your belt, do that. Your officer can swing to quickly move from place to place by grabbing the belt to objects in the environment surrounding them, such as flagpoles.

This enables you to defeat evil opponents and avoid terrible attacks like detonating briefcases or quick melee opponents. (Bros on scooters wearing neon.) Swinging past a dangerous foe as you fire your drip-flamethrower-thing at them has a certain appeal.

The ability to raise the glittering glove of style and fly across wide areas while striking fashion criminals with some ever-loving fashion sense also enables glory killings of a type.