From The Viewpoint Of A Rent-A-Cop, Security Booth: Director’s Cut Presents Shady Business Intrigue From The ’90s

From The Viewpoint Of A Rent-A-Cop, Security Booth: Director’s Cut Presents Shady Business Intrigue From The ’90s
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Like The Mortuary Assistant, the indie horror game that Security Booth: Director’s Cut is contemporary with, it is more than just a job simulator. The ostensibly uninteresting subject is made to really sing by an undercurrent of dread and mystery. On August 19, the first-person horror game’s extended version went up on Steam.

The non-Cut Director’s version, which is a part of the Haunted PS1 expanded world, has been freely accessible on In the 1996 video game Security Booth, you take on the role of a security guard at the Nova Nexus labs who lets or disallows cars based on whether or not their license plates match a list of employees.

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On the graveyard shift at Nova Nexus, though, not everything is as it looks, and things start to become strange.

For the full $5 edition, which debuted on August 19, that free game serves as a decent demo. The Director’s Cut adds extra options and results, developing the conspiracy theory and supposedly freeing you from the titular security booth for some first-person first-contact exploring of your evil employer’s eerie corporate offices.

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Being a helpless bystander in what feels like a particularly strong X-Files monster of the week episode is a great way to describe the atmosphere in the free edition, which already has some great scares.

It’s also wonderful to see more in-depth games emerge from Haunted PS1 quickies. ⁠— One of the most exciting games is Dread Delusion, a fellow Haunted PS1 alum from Security Booth. Stay tuned for a more in-depth impressions feature on Security Booth. Director’s Cut.

A security guard employed by a huge firm is the main character in the horror video game Security Booth. Late at night, Nova Nexus summoned its staff for an emergency. Make sure you don’t let the incorrect folks in.

The game starts off being really tedious and slow. That is until a suspicious stranger wanders along and starts staring at you from a distance.