Fans Seem Unimpressed With The Recently Revealed PlayStation 5 Controller

Fans Seem Unimpressed With The Recently Revealed PlayStation 5 Controller
Credit: PlayStation via Twitter

Sony recently revealed the new controller for the PlayStation 5, and fans seem mixed about it, to say the least. Many have had a few critiques, to put it lightly.

Before we get into those, though, it’d be a good idea to read up on what you should expect. As far as the construction goes, it isn’t necessarily bad, and there’s still quite a bit that we don’t know. For example, there hasn’t been word on what sort of battery life we should expect, though it does seem confirmed that the controller will utilize a rechargeable battery.

But we do have a good idea of quite a few things, and it seems that despite making a huge jump away from the usual design, many in the gaming community are a bit displeased. More than anything, it looks like some of the old flaws fans have been annoyed with are returning.

The main thing that people have been making fun of is the way the left and right trigger buttons still jut out. Rather than be flush with the controller and sink into the body when depressed like the buttons of an Xbox controller, the trigger buttons of the new DualSense 5 controller still extend past the body of the controller.

This makes it so that when you place the controller down flat on its back, it will likely press the buttons. Because of this, the controller became famous for accidentally fast-forwarding or rewinding a video you’re watching, or accidentally causing your character in a game to activate whatever that button would activate – commonly shooting, which is always fun in a stealth-based game.

Other fans have been unimpressed with the white body, though there’s also a black variant. The white Xbox 360 controllers infamously attracted a great amount of dust, dirt, grease, and body oils, which swiftly made the controllers look used and gross. While players can avoid the white controller, that doesn’t stop people from voicing discontent over it.

Some others have also voiced discontent over the ergonomics of the new curved handles. Despite these complaints, Sony insists that the controller is actually ergonomically streamlined, stating that they tested the controller on a wide range of hand sizes and hand types to ensure that it was as comfortable and ergonomic as possible.

We still have a lot of missing information on these controllers, so we’ll likely learn more as time goes on. The DualSense 5 seems like it’s here to stay no matter how much the fanbase makes fun of it.