Fallout 76 Fans Are Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands And Putting A Wasteland Raider On Trial

Fallout 76 Fans Are Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands And Putting A Wasteland Raider On Trial
Credit: Fallout 76 - Bethesda

In Fallout 76 many players have found the best way to pass their time is to roleplay as different types of characters in the wasteland. One of the more popular characters to play is a raider who pillages and plunders the wasteland without any regard to others. Other players, known as the Fallout Five-o, like to play as first responders in this world and they have captured the leader of a rival raider group.

The Fallout Five-0 is holding a public event unlike anything done before in Fallout 76. This event is the public trial of the Vultures leader, Warlord, to pay for his crimes. The Five-o on one of their raids wandered into the camp of the Vultures, and after a long battle, the group won the day.

The group spent hours building their courthouse where they plan to set and record the trail. Warlord will be brought to justice for his crimes against other players. The group is doing everything they can to make sure everything is there: lawyers, a judge, victims, and an audience will all be in attendance.

The proceedings will be released via episodic videos, and everything is still in its early stages. As the trial progresses, results will be dictated by the fans and participating players to help decide the fate of Warlord. This allows anyone to have a chance to be involved in the proceedings as they occur in real-time.

The results will have permanent consequences for the player. Where the game does allow players to respawn the main punishment would be the removal of Warlord from the roleplay scenario. This means that the player-enforced permadeath will have some effect on the future of the Vultures.

The community has taken notice and sent in videos of evidence for the trial as well as adopting roles. The Five-o are accepting depositions and testimonies from anyone who plays Fallout 76 but prefers those who have directly encountered the Vultures.

The proceedings will continue to unfold weekly until around mid-October. As things progress, you will find more information on the official Five-o website, Facebook, and Twitter. Player created quests can also be found there as well.

It is interesting to see what the Fallout community has created with the wasteland provided. During the initial launch of Fallout, 76 fans were concerned with the lack of NPCs and main story events. That being said, the roleplay groups have filled in the content and created a living thriving virtual world.