Doom Eternal Is Possibly Coming To Xbox Game Pass, According To Recent Twitter Hint

Doom Eternal Is Possibly Coming To Xbox Game Pass, According To Recent Twitter Hint
Credit: Bethesda Softworks UK via YouTube

Xbox Game Pass has done tremendously well for both the Xbox One and PC. You would be hard-pressed to find a cheaper way to play an amazing category of games, from top-notch shooters to detailed RPGs.

Another highlight of this affordable platform is new games are added quite frequently. There have been a ton of great offerings already this year and the list never seems to grow short. But what if the most recent Doom game appeared on Xbox Game Pass?

That would certainly get current users and future subscribers ecstatic. Doom Eternal is one of the best modern shooters of this generation. It has a great fluidity where players go from one enemy to the next, stellar graphics, and an epic metal soundtrack that keeps the action revved up.

Could this game from id Software really end up on Xbox Game Pass? According to a recent Twitter hint, it very well could. That is if you believe the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, which just tipped their hand at a special Doom surprise.

In the tweet of discussion, the phrase ‘The slayer is coming ‘ is mentioned at the end thanks to some nifty Photoshop tweaking. This occurred today around noon and it certainly has the gaming community buzzing.

If you think about Microsoft’s recent purchase of Bethesda, this inclusion really makes sense. Why wouldn’t they add Doom Eternal on the platform when they have the rights to do so? It would instantly boost numbers on the platform and kick it into gear, which is important as we approach the release of the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft wants to do everything they can to ensure this next-gen console does well and Xbox Game Pass is a huge bargaining chip they have at the moment over Sony with their PS5.

There is no official confirmation that this game is on the way to this beloved platform, but all signs are looking pretty good. If this hint does turn out to be true, Xbox Game Pass will be that much of an amazing service.

Doom Eternal improved upon Doom (2016) in virtually every way possible. The combat is as good as it has ever been. The game is very easy to approach, but the more you play, the more you realize just how deep the skill system is. You have to use all of your resources to be a successful slayer on a consistent basis.

The visuals and music are also top notch and give this game a well-rounded appeal. If you haven’t yet played it because of its price point, you just might be in luck.