The New Red Dead Online Content ‘Moonshiner Role’ Has Been A Big Improvement Over Previous Roles

The New Red Dead Online Content ‘Moonshiner Role’ Has Been A Big Improvement Over Previous Roles
Credit: Silentc0re via YouTube

The recent Red Dead Online content, ‘Moonshine mode,’ is focused on the illegal booze created by the folks hidden in the woods. In this new update, players’ motive will be to make and sell moonshine, dominate the market, and even take it out on the government plot to stop them. However, it’s not as easy as it seems, because the entry is a little bit hard for players entering the moonshine industry.

The Moonshiner is the newest Frontier Pursuit made in Red Dead Online. These Pursuits are separate pursuits that players can participate to get new abilities, gear and also level up unlike the usual roles available. What sets the Moonshiner role different from the three roles—collector, bounty hunter, and collector—is the leveling of their Trader role before they can create any illegal swill.

For players to gain access to the moonshining, they would need to be at level 5 or have at least made one successful sale as a trader. However, most players meet these prerequisites, and for those who haven’t, it won’t be long before gaining access to moonshining.

How to gain grounds as a Moonshiner
The first to do before attacking revenue agents, players would have to purchase a shack for a price of 25 gold bars. This isn’t easy to come by; however, if you’re not a frequent Red Dead Online players, then it could be pretty challenging to get that much gold bars. It would be okay if the new role were much more comfortable for those with little gameplay experience; instead, it suits players looking for new horizons to reach.

After acquiring the shack (similar to a house or a barn-yard), the next thing that comes next is to work for Maggie, as she’s a tough woman who’s experienced in creating and making shine. The game continues as players continue helping Maggie with her missions and then get the chance to take out those who stepped on her toes.

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The missions help in unlocking bonuses such as better moonshine recipes and more affordable prices. Also, the purpose has other, less demanding tasks, which can be fun and exciting to improve the moonshiner shack alone or together with friends. To put, creating moonshine is somewhat similar to selling supplies as a trader. For instance, the chef assigned to each player can cook up some moonshine and then flavor it with items found in the in-game such as spices or flowers, fruits, or other purchasable goods.

Also, note that each flavor is worth different to various buyers. And these buyers are not stable, they change every few hours or so, which means it’s hard to make use of the same thing over and over. Therefore, the longer the shine cooks, the more it is worth it. And once it shines, selling it to make some fast cash wouldn’t be an issue.

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Note: When selling, it’s good to be wary of government checkpoints. The reason is that the wagon carrying the items is not bulletproof and, if so much damage from trees, crashes gunshots, and then it can lead to lesser money upon delivering the shipment.

Finally, this new moonshiner role is one significant improvement made over the old roles like collector and trader roles. To be honest, the two old roles never felt as interesting as this new role. The Moonshiner has not only story missions but also a buy and sell loop, which includes the trader role, with an additional shack and bar that can be upgraded and customized. However, some players may not find it interesting because of no gold or not yet at level 5, but once they unlock moonshining, the adventure never ends!!