Disintegration Is A Skilled Mix Of Tactics And Fast-Paced FPS Action, V1 Interactive Gives More Information About This Upcoming Title

Disintegration Is A Skilled Mix Of Tactics And Fast-Paced FPS Action, V1 Interactive Gives More Information About This Upcoming Title
Credit: V1 Interactive

There are always more developments happening in the world of first-person shooters. This upcoming title is no exception as it makes groundbreaking improvements to a beloved formula. Disintegration started as a real-time strategy title, but quickly it evolved into a hybrid RTS/FPS style game. This is unheard of in most modern games and will shake the entire space genre similar to the effect Titanfall brought.

This game is being developed byV1 Interactive which was founded by the co-creator of the Halo universe. Fans have big hopes of what this game might become and even bigger dreams of what it could evolve into in later generations.

You command an army of robotic troops from the seat of your Gravcycle. You issue commands and use your onboard weaponry to fight in the war effort directly. Blasting guns from the seat of a fast-moving vehicle around droves of both your soldiers and the enemy troops has excited fans.

In both single-player story campaigns or multiplayer modes, the game generally plays the same. Your sticks move the Grav Cycle, and you use your triggers to fire the onboard weapons. The D-pad selects your ground troops, and a UI reticule lets you select which ability you wish to activate with your shoulder buttons.

The only major difference between Campaign and Multiplayer is time dilation. This means that when you are selecting orders time slows down, players in multiplayer will not have this option and must think quickly.

Your Gravcycle can only go about 60 feet up, and your troops must remain at least within 50 feet of you. You can order them around this area though allowing them to investigate things and react to objects in the environment like doors and enemy troops.

The multiplayer mode lets you experience a 5v5 battle. The mode is called Retrieval with pre-set crews that are built around roles like Healer and Tank. You must strategize your crew combo quickly as this game mode moves fast; there no time for loitering in war.

Although there is no set release date for this game fans are expecting it sometime during 2020. This game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One upon its release. With a powerhouse team behind it, fans have high expectations for this game and its eventual series, although some doubts are still present on the practicality of commanding while fighting. Only time will tell whether this game can impact the status quo and change the way that gamers view FPS as a genre.