Demon’s Souls Remake Releases To Critical Acclaim From Those Hardened Enough To Beat It

Demon’s Souls Remake Releases To Critical Acclaim From Those Hardened Enough To Beat It
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

When the original Demon’s Souls came out, it struck like lightning; it was fast, brutal, and ferocious in scope and execution.

The entire genre that Demon’s Souls would eventually create wasn’t even understood, and Demon’s Souls slipped under the radar of many in favor of whatever the flavor of the month was in session on February 5, 2009.

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The PlayStation 3 title would be an absolutely brutal introduction into the strange and dark world from the designer Hidetaka Miyazaki, where people would die repeatedly while trying their best to push just a little bit farther with the next life.

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It’s obvious where the franchise has ended up from these humble beginnings: Elden Ring is arguably the most-talked-about upcoming title, even without any information being readily passed to the public, three Dark Souls titles have come and gone (with remasters and game of the year editions), and managing to defeat one of the games is a crowning feat that few have; even fewer have beaten them all.

Unfortunately, Demon’s Souls was a console exclusive, and with the remake that came out on November 12, it appears that this isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

The good news is that the Demon’s Souls remake has, by and large, wowed everyone with the stomach to handle its brutal gameplay, fans to critics alike have heaped praise on top of the remade title that was developed by Bluepoint Games.

It’s rumored that the reception (and technical prowess) of Demon’s Souls remake would be the defining moment for the studio in the eyes of Sony, and whether or not they would want to acquire the studio as an exclusive first-party developer.

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Rumors are currently heard stating that Bluepoint Games could be acquired by Sony; these are the same developers that similarly impressed everyone with the PlayStation 4 remake of Shadow Of Colossus that managed to refine just enough of the title while still retaining its foreboding charm.

The only problem right now with the title is that it’s only available on the PlayStation 5; a difficult console to wrap one’s fingers around unless you’ve been waiting in lines since before the technical data was even released.

A very similar issue that has been occurring with GPUs is now affecting console sales, which has lessened the impact of the remake in the gaming industry precisely because so few people have the console at this point in time. When you can find a console, make Demon’s Souls a must-purchase for the first day; as long as you can handle the brutality, of course.