CS:GO – Dead And TACO Are Reportedly Building THeir Own CS:GO Team After MIBR Kick

CS:GO – Dead And TACO Are Reportedly Building THeir Own CS:GO Team After MIBR Kick
Credit: Smurfson via YouTube

Feel free to insert as many Bender memes as necessary; it appears that, after being cut from MIBR, TACO and Dead are both looking to form a new team within Brazil to challenge MIBR’s sudden return to competition.

That MIBR is once again competitive after cutting Epitácio ‘TACO’ de Melo, along with a few others from the organization, and kicking coach Ricardo ‘dead’ Sinigaglia after the results from ESIC showed that he had a massive hand (not the largest within the league) in the exploit that resulted in the largest cheating scandal Counter-Strike has ever had, is apparently lost.

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Yet the players that are currently rumored to be joining both Ricardo and Epitácio should give some fans pause; they’ve scooped up what are considered to be the most promising young talent at the moment in Brazil.

The battle for Brazil, a colloquialism for when MIBR play against FURIA, may be expanding to include another team.

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This new team could very well include the banned coach, Ricardo Sinigaglia, as yet another snub to both Valve and ESIC. Sources have stated that ‘dead’ will only be a manager for this team.

The team is currently rumored to hold João ‘felps’ Vasconcellos, a 23-year-old rifler currently playing with Brazilian team BOOM, a seventeen-year-old Eduardo ‘damau’ Wolkmer who is currently playing for Yeah, and Bruno ‘latto’ Rebelatto, a 17-year-old playing for the RED Canids.

Both Latto and Dumau are considered to be the most promising prospects to come out of Brazil, and it’s undeniable that both ‘dead’ and ‘TACO” have a wealth of experience between the two regarding tournament and general high-pressure play.

Concerns regarding Epitácio ‘TACO’ de Melo form within a server are still rather accurate; the player was posting worsening numbers over the past year that are difficult to explain away via the role of IGL; some have posited that the team is already starting crippled if TACO is going to play on the roster rather than filling a coaching or staff role.

Combine this with rumors that BOOM is looking for an entirely new organization, and there begins to appear to be a glimmer of merit through all of these vague sources, as originally reported by Draft5.

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At the moment, this is generally inconsequential in terms of professional CS:GO play; two players will need to age-up to be involved with Major’s (whenever we see those again), and cobbling together a roster doesn’t immediately mean that it’s a competitive roster.

That being said, for fans of Ricardo and Epitácio, we haven’t seen the last of them within the professional scene just yet.