Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder Has Been Announced For Steam Early Access In 2021

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder Has Been Announced For Steam Early Access In 2021
Credit: Steam Xo

Coming from Finnish game publisher and developer VRKiwi is the sequel to the alternative western adventure Cave Digger titled Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder. This title has been just announced and is planning to launch into Steam Early Access as of next year with a full release in 2022.

For VRKiwi this has been one of the largest projects to date. The game builds upon the original idea of Cave Digger and adds additional features and abilities. This game is a full upgrade to the original and they are sure that fans will love the final product.

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After the first Cave Digger launched in the Spring of 2018 the game was an immediate hit on PSVR and Oculus systems. So far the game has sold nearly 50,000 copies and that is before the flat-screen version was released to the PC and PlayStation audience.

While the original game was a very simple design, the sequel is intended to be a more sophisticated title. The success of the first game has helped fund the sequel allowing them to develop their publishing business and build up additional investment opportunities.

Cave Digger 2 will be better in every aspect. New features are lined up along with tons of new resources that the community has created for them. Mix that with fan feedback the game is already halfway designed.

The goal is to make the sequel feel like a different experience but maintain the same things that made Cave Digger great. Players will get to go back into the mines and explore the danger and treasures as before, but something extra will be in the way this time.

In the original Cave Digger, players were able to explore a town, dig into the depths of a mine, and enjoy a unique western environment. There were tons of tools, secrets, easter eggs, and even multiple endings based on what players were able to discover.

The title was loved by fans for a simple experience with a rather deep story. As players enjoy digging up riches, they were able to discover impossible occurrences deep within the tunnels of their mine.

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Hopefully, the sequel will stay true to the original design of this title and move forward with improving it through a unique blend of modern design. More money means more opportunities for the developers, so this title should be better funded than the original guaranteeing a better experience for fans.

Cave Digger 2 is expected to launch in 2022 with a Steam Early Access release in 2021.