Call Of Duty Player Posts A Letter To Infinity Ward Outlining All The Issues With Modern Warfare, Cites Gameplay And Hardware Issues

Call Of Duty Player Posts A Letter To Infinity Ward Outlining All The Issues With Modern Warfare, Cites Gameplay And Hardware Issues
Credit: Call of Duty via YouTube

The Reddit page for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is always an entertaining and sometimes informative subreddit to check out. There are videos posted on it every day of phenomenal kills and lucky breaks, as well as hilarious memes and, of course, players’ opinions and rants about the game itself.

Modern Warfare has had a lot of problems since it launched a few months ago. Whether it is hardware or gameplay issues, the Reddit board has had constant posts about gamer issues.

Well, a user named GlockWork has posted a whitepaper post that has been directed towards the developer Infinity Ward. He has scoured the Modern Warfare subreddit, taking notes of player’s issues and demands, and has assembled it into an easy-to-read post.

He has a lot of opinions himself, as he states that he has been apart of the gaming industry for over 25 years and has played every Call of Duty game in the franchise.

[Whitepaper] – Getting COD on track again @InfinityWard
by inmodernwarfare

The post is called [Whitepaper] – Getting COD on track again @InfinityWard, and there are five main topics in the whitepaper that he touches on. The topics are hardware and software issues, networking issues, gameplay issues, UI, UX, and sound issues, and the “Shop.”

The hardware and software issues touch on a few different errors that gamers have been getting, and each one outlined in the whitepaper has evidence hyperlinked into it.

For example, there is a bug when Modern Warfare gamers play Ground War that crashes their match halfway through and shows the error code “Memory Error 19 148.” He then goes on to link three separate Reddit posts of users complaining about this issue.

GlockWork tackles networking issues like tick rate, disconnects, ping-based matchmaking, and packet bursts.

Gameplay issues cover a variety of different problems, like the map rotation system. For example, players have been finding that they keep getting the same map when they queue into Ground War
Also, he points out the missing component “Map Selection,” which would allow gamers to pick the map they want to play before they join a match.

This section has seven different issues that GlockWork illuminates, each one with their valid arguments.

As mentioned earlier, he talks about other in-game features like the UI, sound, and The Shop, how they are suboptimal, and ideas to make them better.

It will be interesting to see Infinity Ward answers this post. It’s gaining a lot of traction and upvotes on the subreddit, so it may get to the point where the developer has no option but to answer.