God of War Holds a Holiday Giveaway With a Handful of Free Cosmetics on PS Network

God of War Holds a Holiday Giveaway With a Handful of Free Cosmetics on PS Network
Credit: Playstation via YouTube

Kratos has plenty of lessons for Atreus throughout God of War, but there are few lessons more important than the one that Santa Monica is issuing today: If you’re going god killing, do it in style.

To celebrate the holidays, Santa Monica Studio is giving out a free holiday giveaway to God of War players. Fans of the game are being gifted a handful of cosmetics to help take down a couple more Norse gods with a little flair.

There are six cosmetics going up for free, all in all. The following six are the ones up for grabs:

  • Shining Elven soul-shield skin
  • Dökkenshieldr shield skin
  • Exile’s Guardian shield skin
  • Buckler of the Forge Shield Skin
  • Death’s Vow armor set, both for Kratos and for Atreus

Counting the two separate Death’s Vow armor sets going up for free, there are six cosmetic items being given out. With four of them being shields skins, you obviously won’t be able to use them all at the same time, but it’ll provide a strong amount of variety to help spice up your killing.

To claim the items, go to the store page for the giveaway and simply download the items. There’s nothing difficult, no obnoxious hoops to jump through or codes to enter, just free items to claim and download.

It’s always refreshing to see game developers showing true appreciation to their fans. Instead of forcing out every nickel and dime like some (read: most) developers do nowadays, Santa Monica thought it would be better to spread the holiday cheer with a handful of free goodies.

Many games start holiday sales around this time of year, using it as a way to seem charitable and giving while still using the season to make a few extra bucks. Seeing game developers, especially of such a big title, eschew this entirely to give things out for free is a wonderful change.

There’s also the thought that it could be to raise hype for an upcoming title, however. Given the cliffhangers of the most recent God of War title, as well as the amount of time that has passed since the release of the game, we could be seeing another installment soon.

Maybe the cosmetics serve a double purpose of giving us a fun little holiday surprise while still helping drum up a bit of hype for another outing into a mythology-filled murder spree? Only time will tell!