Battlefield 5 Shows Off A Sneak Preview Of Its Upcoming Battle Royale Mode

Battlefield 5 Shows Off A Sneak Preview Of Its Upcoming Battle Royale Mode
Credit: Stefans02 via Flickr (license)

You’d be hard-pressed to search online for gaming topics and not come across battle royale. It has taken over the gaming industry. Fortnight, PUBG, and most recently Apex Legends have been staples for this genre.

Their concepts are simple: battle it out against other players until only one remains. Such a simple recipe seems to be spreading like wildfire. Companies have made millions off of this mode, and it seems like the profits don’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

Now, it appears Battlefield V is entering the fold. EA recently released some trailers of their upcoming battle royale mode, Firestorm. Although the trailer doesn’t show actual game footage, we do learn some important details.

There will be different modes available, including solo, duos, and squads. It’s nice to see Battlefield give gamers some added variety. The solo made has been instrumental for many battle royale games. However, there’s something so fun about going toe-to-toe with another friend.

Like most other battle royale titles on the market today, players will parachute in from planes. Once they land, they’ll search frantically for weapons and other survival items. Battlefield really has the chance to stand out in terms of their weapon variety and stellar graphics. This mode is currently being developed by Criterion and will go live March 25.

Even though there hasn’t been any game footage showing exactly what Firestorm will offer, there’s a lot to get excited about. The Battlefield games have always had amazing graphics and an addictive shooting system. One has to assume that these strongpoints will show up in this new mode.

Hopefully, they can include some amazing weapons. This seems to be a huge aspect that determines whether these types of games will do well or not. Criterion could put a lot of emphasis on weaponry and really help Firestorm become an instant classic.

As far as the number of players this new mode will support, there have been reports of 64 being the magic number. That’s quite a lot of users battling it out until one remains. This should make for some intense combat and supreme gratification by being the last man standing.

We’re just a couple of weeks out, but it’s exciting to see what potential this latest mode could do to the Battlefield franchise going forward. Their fifth installment wasn’t received that great given its lack of story, and this new mode could be just what the series needs to restore good faith with its fanbase. Criterion has all of the resources to make Firestorm a hit right out of the gate.