The Iconic Grid 2 Is Now Available For Free On The Humble Store

The Iconic Grid 2 Is Now Available For Free On The Humble Store
Credit: Get Gaming Now via Flickr (license)

If you’re a fan of the racing game genre, you’ll be pleased to know that for a couple of days only, Grid 2 is free on the Humble Store. This is an incredible deal considering this classic racer is still going for $30. If you haven’t had the chance to play this racer, it’s certainly worth checking out.

The game really shines with its driving mechanics. The cars grip the road with exceptional balance, yet there’s some difficulty that will keep you on your toes. After a while, though, you shouldn’t have any trouble staying the course. It’s a lot like the Dirt games, only way less difficult.

There aren’t any driving aids, which is kind of nice because it simulates what it’s actually like to drive sports cars. You’re forced to make split-second decisions around corners and bends. Each car handles a little bit differently, making you spend some time behind the wheel of each to really master their mechanics.

If you mess up at any point on a track, you can utilize the ever-so-handy Flashback feature. It enables you to rewind time a couple of seconds before the mistake. It is limited, but helps during certain moments when you’re traveling at high speeds.

The story in this game is pretty nice considering it’s a car game. The fictional league, WSR, has a lot of depth and there are many challenges to hold your attention for hours. Checkpoint races are fun to complete, and the drifting challenges will have you grinning from ear to ear.

The graphics in Grid 2 are also quite impressive, especially considering how old this game is. Each environment has a personality of its own, whether you’re blasting through alleys in the United States or completing a circuit challenge in Europe. You’ll be mesmerized at how much detail each stage has.

Much of the car customization features can be found in the multiplayer mode. You’ll have fun upgrading parts and adjusting specs until you find the perfect balance. Completing racing challenges with friends is also pretty excited.

All in all, Grid 2 is a pretty fantastic game to own. It’s not the greatest racing game on the market, but you’ll have a ton of fun with it. The car selection is also quite impressive. You’ll find something you want to drive for hours around various tracks. Best of all, it’s completely free. This deal surely won’t last forever, so now is the perfect time to get it.